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Downloading Notes

The Source files for download on this site are packaged using the tar utility on Linux. The README file is a plain text document. There will be a README file for each download available on the site.

Problems with Microsoft IE and WinZip

When Downloading files with the extension *.gz in MS IE, you may notice in the File Download box the *.gz extension is replaced with .tar, (file.tar.tar rather than file.tar.gz). If you are going to ftp directly to Linux then this will not be a problem. However, if using WinZip to unarchive to your workstation you will see the error, Error reading header after processing 0 entries. To get around this, rename the file to have the .gz extension before unarchiving.

For example, rename tpf_initialrelease.tar.tar to tpf_initialrelease.tar.gz

Note : Make sure that the Hide Extentions for Know Types is unchecked in your Explorer Options.


  1. Create a hfs directory on HFS if you don't have one.
    (i.e., /home/userid/tpfinitial) to hold the SOURCE.

  2. FTP or download the needed tpf source archieve(s) to your hfs directory.
    (Note : Use binary mode for your ftp sessions.)
    For example put tpf_initialrelease.tar.gz in /home/userid/tpfinitial/tpf_initialrelease.tar.gz

  3. Untar the source archieve(s) with:

    tar zxvfp tpf_initialrelease.tar.gz
    The result should be a directory structure like: